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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Reaction to Denise Dillion Named at Villanova and Amy Mallon at Drexel

By Mel Greenberg @womhoopsguru


So many people sent notes reacting to the hire of Denise Dillon at Villanova and soon thereafter the news of the hire of Amy Mallon to step up and succeed her at Drexel, that your Guru put together a separate reaction file.


Some of the quotes are also in the main story:


Everyone in the Big Five had a comment.


“I’m absolutely thrilled for Denise to have the opportunity to coach at her alma mater. She is a proven winner and without a doubt she will continue the winning tradition Harry established at Villanova


— Temple’s Tonya Cardoza

“Denise Dillon is not only one of the greatest coaches in the Philadelphia area, but one of the best coaches in the entire country. She is an outstanding leader, a fierce competitor, and a proven winner. More than anything, however,

 Denise is an amazing person who is hardworking, genuine, humble, and simply awesome to be around. She does things the right way all the time and, for that, I have an enormous amount of respect for her. I am thrilled for Denise and I look forward to seeing Villanova excel under her leadership.”


Mike McLaughlin, University of Pennsylvania head coach.

 Denise is a great hire for Villanova. She is a proven winner and will bring  that mentality to her alma matter!


Good for her!!! Fantastic!!!

Cindy Griffin, Head coach of Saint Joseph’s.


“As a player nobody made the game look easier than Denise, as a coach she made winning at Drexel look easy. The transition for her back to her home at Nova will be easy for her as well.


Mountain MacGillivray, La Salle head coach


In the Big East


From Doug Bruno, head coach at DePaul


Denise Dillon is an Awesome Choice for Villanova.  As a Nova Player, she was very tough to Coach against.  As tough as it was to prepare for Denise Dillon, The Player, it has been even tougher to prepare for Denise Dillon, the Drexel Coach.  


“Just what the Big East needs: Another Great Coach to replace ‘A Legend’ Harry Perretta!!!!!!”


Doug Bruno, DePaul head coach


I remember Denise as a very smart and talented player so it’s no surprise that she has done a tremendous job at Drexel. Villanova has a tradition of excellence as a University and in the works of college basketball. Mark Jackson has made sure that tradition takes another step forward by hiring Denise. 


Geno Auriemma, UConn Head Coach


“I am excited for Denise to join the big East as a Head coach.


  “She was a great player at Villanova and in the Big East and i am sure with all her previous success as a Head coach at Drexel she will continue to build on her Former coaches legacy.  Welcome Denise !!


Tony Bozzella, Seton Hall head coach.


“Denise exudes everything about Villanova and the city of Philadelphia. Her success at Drexel has always been impressive and I’m sure that will carry over to her alma mater. Nothing is more fitting than having a former player of Harry’s take over the program. Great hire for the Big East.


Joe Tartamella, Saint John’s head coach.  


"Denise Dillon is a proven winner whose deep ties to Philadelphia, Villanova and the BIG EAST will allow her to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in her new role. 


 “We can think of no one better than Denise to build on Coach Harry Perretta's magnificent legacy and usher Villanova women's basketball into a new era."

 Val Ackerman, Big East commissioner

And then from colleagues in the CAA for both Denise and Amy:


For Denise “So happy for Denise. I understand the pride of coaching at your alma mater. So well deserved. The tradition of winning she built at Drexel speaks for itself.  I wish her all the best.” 


For Amy “I’m so glad for Amy and pleased that Drexel rewarded her loyalty and hard work. She will keep Drexel in contention for championships for years to come.”


Sean O’Reagan, James Madison head coach.


“Denise is a flat out winner!


“She’s put Drexel on the map and has consistently won over and over for years. 


“She’a class act and I look forward to seeing what she does at her alma-mater.


It’s absolutely a perfect fit! Amy is hard working and loyal not to mention she has been a huge part of Drexel’s success and I’m Happy for her!


Karen barefoot, UNCW head coach. 


And from the days Drexel played Princeton, now this from Chapel Hill.


“Denise is such a great hire for Villanova.


 “She’s one of the best coaches in our game and also one of the very best people. 


Her teams play hard and together and are always well prepared. Her standard of success speaks for itself, and she does things the right way. 


She is a great recruiter and she will immediately bring top talent to Villanova. 


This business is full of great people and Denise is one of the very best. Congratulations to the Villanova family for bringing one of your own home!


Courtney Banghart, North Carolina head coach.


“Many congrats to Denise Dillon on becoming the next Head Coach at Villanova. 


“To succeed the legendary Harry Perretta at her alma mater is exciting and well deserved. She had a terrific career at Drexel and I’m sure she’ll enjoy a great level of success at Villanova. All the best Denise.


Fran Dunphy, former Temple/Penn men’s head coach.


Denise- “Super excited for Denise to build off of Harry’s success. 


She is a terrific coach and an even better person!”


Amy- “This hire makes great sense. Amy has been involved with many head coaching jobs and now she has the perfect fit.  This is a total winning combination - couldn’t be happier for her and Drexel.”


Stephanie V. Gaitley. Fordham head coach, former Villanova star who coached at Saint Joseph’s and coached Mallon at Richmond.












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