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Mel Greenberg covered college and professional women’s basketball for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he worked for 40 plus years. Greenberg pioneered national coverage of the game, including the original Top 25 women's college poll. His knowledge has earned him nicknames such as "The Guru" and "The Godfather," as well as induction into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Guru's Summer League Report: A Look At The Statistics

By Mel Greenberg

Since there are no games Tuesday night to allow persons to finish off their July 4th holiday before play resumes Thursday night in the Philadelphia/Suburban NCAA Women's Summer Basketball League at the Kelly Bolish Gymnasium in Hatboro, Pa., near Willow Grove the Guru decided to take a statistical look at the competition to date.

The only stats being kept on the books is scoring and the Guru has had access to only high scorers on each team each night from the five games played in the 11-team league. One group gets a bye each night on the schedule -- games are Tuesday and Thursday -- before the playoffs get under way for the top eight finishers later this month.

Because of the way the Guru had to compile this he would ask those keeping the team books to go through your top scorers because it is possible someone piled up enough points through their total games without consistently being among high scorers.

If the Guru can learn who played all the games or not, he will be able to convert into scoring averages but he didn't want to assume anything through this exercise.

So first here's a look at the top individual performances to date followed by high scorers in terms of total points for each team and then the composite league-wide look at who has compiled total points.

Numbers next to team names are their records.

Individual Efforts

1. Ashley Gale (La Salle ’11), Purple 34
2. Ashley Morris, (Temple ’08) Teal 31
3. Emily Leer (Villanova ’14), Orange 27
4. Ana Cruz (Holy Family ’13), Royal Blue 22
4. Marisa Repasch (Lehigh ’14), Orange 22
4. Erin Shields (St. Joseph’s ’14), Purple 22
4. Allison Hostetter (West Chester ’12), Columbia Blue 22
8. Laura Sweeney (Villanova ’12), White 21
8. Lakia Stewart (Kent State ’07), Teal 21
8. Michelle Maslowski, (Drexel ’02), Teal 21
11. Jasmine Elum (Bethune-Cookman ’12), Gold 20
11. Rachel Roberts (Villanova ’13), Orange 20
11. Emily Gratch (Lehigh ’12), Black 20
14. Marisa Repasch (Lehigh ’14), Orange 19 (2)
14. Meghan Gibson (Holy Family ’11), Royal Blue 19
17. Ana Cruz (Holy Family ’13), Royal Blue 18
17. Alex Smith (Holy Cross ’14) , Cardinal Red 18
17. Ashley Morris (Temple ’08), Teal 18
20. Devon Kane (Villanova ‘ 13), Kelly Green 17
20. Meghan Kerrigan (West Chester ’13), Columbia Blue 17
20. Michelle Maslowski (Drexel ’02), Teal 17
23. Allison Hostetter (West Chester, ’12), Columbia Blue 16
23. Kelly Peterson (Lehigh ’13), Kelly Green 16 (2)
23. Becky Guman, (Lehigh ’13). Gold 16
23. Emily Leer (Villanova ’14), Orange 16
23. Maggie Serratelli (Holy Family ’14), Royal Blue 16
23. Erin Shields (St. Joseph’s, ’14), Purple 16
30. Stephanie Agger (Philadelphia U ’14), Lime Green 15
30. Jesse Carey (Villanova ’13), White, 15
30. Ashley Gale (La Salle ’11), Purple 15 (2)
30. Meghan Kerrigan (West Chester ’13), Columbia Blue 15
30. Alexandra Lennon (West Chester ’13), Columbia Blue 15
30. Kendall Benovy (West Chester ’15), Columbia Blue 15
30. Alicia Manning (Lafayette ’13), Cardinal Red 15
Total 37

Scoring Totals By Team

Black 3-2

High Scorers Total Points

Emily Gratch (Lehigh ’12), 55 pts.
Kathryn Stockbower (Swarthmore ’11). 47 pts.

Teal 2-2
Michelle Maslowski (Drexel ’02), 61 pts.
Ashley Morris (Temple ’08), 60 pts.

Royal Blue 3-2
Ana Cruz (Holy Family ’13), 41 pts.
Maggie Serratelli (Holy Family ’14), 38 pts.
Meghan Gibson (Holy Family ’11), 29 pts.

Cardinal Red 1-3
Alex Smith (Holy Cross ’14), 42 pts.
Alicia Manning (Lafayette ’13), 36 pts.
Chant’al Hardy (Chestnut Hill, ’10), 35 pts.

Columbia Blue 3-1
Allison Hostetter (West Chester ’12), 52 pts.
Meghan Kerrigan (West Chester ’13), 32 pts.
Alecxandra Lennon (West Chester ’14), 28 pts.
Kendall Benovy (West Chester ’15), 25 pts.

Purple 2-3
Ashley Gale (La Salle ’11), 92 pts.
Erin Shields (St. Joseph’s ’14), 50 pts.

Gold 3-2
Jasmine Elum (Bethune-Cookman ’12), 64 pts.
Becky Guman (Lehigh ’13) 35 pts.
Addie Micir (Princeton ’11), 25 pts.

Orange 4-1
Emily Leer (Villanova ’14), 55 pts.
Marisa Repasch (Lehigh ’14), 81 pts.
Aly Borick (Lehigh ’12), 31 pts.
Rachel Roberts (Villanova ’13), 31 pts.

Kelly Green 3-1
Kelly Peterson (Lehigh ’13), 45 pts.
Megan Pearson (Villanova, ’13), 32 pts.

Lime Green 1-4
Stephanie Agger (Phila. U. ’14), 43 pts.
Samantha Morris (Phila U. ’14), 24 pts.
Kristen Blye (Phla. U. ’13), 23 pts.

White 0-4
Jesse Carey (Villanova ’13), 37 pts.

Total Points
1. Ashley Gale, (La Salle ’11), Purple 92
2. Marisa Repasch (Lehigh ’14),, Orange 81
3. Jasmine Elum (Bethune-Cookman ’12), Gold 64
4. Michelle Maslowski (Drexel ’02), Teal 61
5. Ashley Morris (Temple ’08), Teal 60
6. Emily Leer, Orange (Villanova ’14), 55
6. Emily Gratch (Lehigh ’12), Black 55
8. Allison Hostetter (West Chester ’12), Columbia Blue 52
9. Erin Shields (St. Joseph’s 14), Purple 50
10. Kathryn Stockbower (Swarthmore ’11), Black 47
11. Kelly Peterson (Lehigh ’13), Kelly Green 45
12. Stephanie Agger (Phila. U. ’14), Lime Green 43
13. Alex Smith (Holy Cross ’14), Cardinal Red 42
14. Ana Cruz (Holy Family ’13), Royal Blue 41
15. Maggie Serratelli (Holy Family ’14), Royal Blue 38
16. Jesse Carey (Villanova ’13), White 37
17. Alicia Manning (Lafayette ’13), Cardinal Red 36

Team Statistics
Now here's a look at some team totals but understand the bye nights disrupt the uniformity though those who played one less game to date are noted in terms of averages.

Places in standings and records are indicated in parentheses. It is interesting to see how teams rank in scoring and defense compared to their current positions.

Team Scoring By Average
*-Kelly Green (T2 Rec’d 3-1) .68.75
*-Cardinal Red (9th Rec’d 1-3) 65.0
Orange 62.80 (1st Rec’d 4-1) 62.8
*-Teal (7th Rec’d 2-2) 62.00
Royal Blue (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 61.8
Purple (8th Rec’d 2-3) 60.8
Gold (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 57.4
*-Columbia Blue (T2 Rec’d 3-1) 57.0
*-White (11th Rec’d 0-4) 56.0
Black (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 54.6
Lime Green (10th Rec’d 1-4) 50.6

Team Defense By Average

*-Columbia Blue (T2 Rec’d 3-1) 52.0
Gold (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 55.4
Black (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 55.4
Royal Blue (T4 Rec’d 3-2) 56.0
Orange (1st Rec’d 4-1) 58.6
Lime Green (10th Rec’d 1-4) 59.8
*-Kelly Green (T2 Rec’d 3-1) 61.75
*-Teal (7th Rec’d 2-2) 63.0
*-White (11th Rec’d 0-4) 64.25
Purple (8th Rec’d 2-3) 65.60
*-Cardinal Red (9th Rec’d 1-3) 67.25

Winning Margin Average
*-Kelly Green (T2 Rec’d 3-1)........................ 68.75 61.75 +7.0
Royal Blue (T4 Rec’d 3-2).............................61.80 56.00 +5.8
Purple (8th Rec’d 2-3)..................................60.08 65.60 +5.5
*-Columbia Blue (T2 Rec’d 3-1)....................57.00 52.00 +5.0
Orange (1st Rec’d 4-1)................................. 62.80 58.60 +4.2
Gold (T4 Rec’d 3-2).....................................57.40 55.40 +2.0
Black (T4 Rec’d 3-2)....................................54.60 55.40 -0.8
*-Teal (7th Rec’d 2-2)..................................62.00 63.00 -1.0
*-Cardinal Red. (9th Rec’d 1-3)....................65.00 67.25 -2.25
*-White (11th Rec’d 0-4)..............................56.00 64.25 -8.25
Lime Green (10th Rec’d 1-4)........................50.60 59.80 -9.20

*-Played four games and had their bye

See you out there Thursday night. First games begin 7 p.m. Second games on Courts 1 and 2 as well as the singleton on Court 3 begin at 8:15 p.m.

-- Mel


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