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Mel Greenberg covered college and professional women’s basketball for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he worked for 40 plus years. Greenberg pioneered national coverage of the game, including the original Top 25 women's college poll. His knowledge has earned him nicknames such as "The Guru" and "The Godfather," as well as induction into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guru Report: Philly Summer League Rosters

By Mel Greenberg

The Philadelphia/Suburban Women's Summer League will begin play at the Kelly Bolish Gym in Horsham, Pa., at the home of the Renegades AAU team on June 16 and then continue Tuesdays and Thursdays until the playoffs, veteran commissioner David Kessler said Friday in a note sent around with rosters from Thursday night's draft.

The Guru will post the schedules of the 11 teams when the commish finishes putting it in play. Kessler said he probably won't schedule action on Tuesday, July 5, considering it is right on top of the conclusion of the holiday weekend.

There may be some adjustment to the rosters and Kessler is still accepting applications to bring every team up to 11 players, though a few that are under the max right now could probably survive without having to go deep into the lineup unless no-shows begin causing some problems.

Now, hopefully with a little cut and paste out of the email here are the rosters. Additionally, some of you journalistic or blogerette wannabes who would like to write features off the league for the Guru's blog send a note because there will be nights that the WNBA will be calling him away from the local summer action.

Attempts are being made to set up a system to provide coverage of the games, which will be one doubleheader and a singleton each of the Tuesdays and Thursdays with each team also having one bye along the way.

Teams listed as Draft Team I and Draft Team II will be assigned a color name to go with the squads by Kessler prior to competiton.

Now, here's the list as the rosters stand for now.

Team West Chester (Columbia Blue)
1- Carly Strickland 6’ WC’13
2- Shamyra Hammond 5’8 WC ‘12
3- Meghan Kerrigan 5’7 Wc ’13
4- Steph Keyes 5’9 WC ‘15
5- Alexandra Lennon 6’1 WC ‘14
6- Jessica Taylor 5’10
7- Zona Smith 5’5 WC ‘14
8- Tiffany Johnson 5’5 WC ‘15
9- Jen Owens 5’9 WC ‘12
10- Allison Hostetter 5’7 WC ‘12

Team Phila U. (Lime Green)
1-Victoria Arnao 6’ Phila U. ‘15
2-Megan Finn 5’4 Phila U. ‘14
3-Stephanie Agger 5’6 Phil U. ‘12
4-Samantha Morris 5’9 Phila U. ‘14
5-Kristen Blye 6’ Phila. U. ‘13
6-Carly Hazinsky 6’ Phila U. ‘15
7-Jaclyn Panichi 5’7 Phila. U. ‘14
8-Christine Wooding 6’ Phila. U. ‘12
9-Taylor Peltzer 5’10 Phila. U. ‘12
10-Najah Jacobs 5’6 Phila. U. ‘15
11-Kyra Holiday

Team Holy Family (Royal Blue)
1-Mary Ellen McCollum 5’9 HF ‘14
2-Carolyne Heston 6’1 HF ‘14
3-Erin Mann 6’1 HF ‘13
4-Ana Cruz 5’3 HF ‘13
5-Maggie Serratelli 5’8 HF ‘14
6-Meghan Gibson 5’9 HF ‘11
7-Grace Mirack 5’8 Del Val ‘15
8-Jenna Swope 5’9 Gettysburg ‘15
9-Megan Gallagher 5’7 DeSales ‘14
10-Christine Verrelle 5’8 Dowling ‘15
11-Rekik Worku 5’11 Dowling ‘14
12-Aubrey Howland 5’10 U. Mary Wash. ‘15

Team University Of the Sciences
1-Rebecca Ruggear 5’11 Uof S ’13
2-Kathleen Connelly 5’3 U.of S. ’15
3-Brianne Traub 5’8 U. of S. ’17
4-Carolyn Edwards 6’ U. of S ’13
5-Jessica Sylvester 5’7 U. of S ‘17
6-Sarah Hickman 5’8 U. of S ‘13
7-Kate Schmid
8-Jesse Carey 5’10 Villanova ‘13
9-Laura Sweeney 6’2 Villanova ‘12
10-Ryann Fiascki 5’8 East Stroudsburg ’15
11-Megan Decker 5’10 Lebanon Valley ‘15

Team Keith Wood (Gold)
1-Ashley Wood 5’7 Kutztown ‘13
2-Brittany Greaves 6’ Kutztown ’12
3-Megan Bowen 6’3 Princeton ‘13
4-Becky Guman 5’7 Lahigh ‘13
5-Hilary Weaver 5’5 Lehigh ‘14
6-Victoria Mazzeo 5’6 Chestnut Hill ‘14
7-Lindsay Alexander 5’11 Chestnut Hill ‘13
8- Jasmine Elum 5’8 Bethune Cookman ‘12
9-Courtney Nyce 6’ Bloomsburg ‘12
10-Addie Micir 6’ Princeton ‘11

Team Ari Moore
1-Shayla Johnson 5’9 U. Rhode I. ‘04
2-Stacey Smalls 5’4 Temple ’03
3-Tynecia Pam 6’ Temple ’04
4-Ari Moore 5’10 Temple ’05
5-Lakia Stewart 5’10 Kent State ’07
6-Ashley Morris 5’3 Temple ‘08
7-Khadijah Bowens 5’9 Temple ‘06
8-Michelle Maslowski 6’1 Drexel ‘02
9-Kristin Guynn 5’6 George Wash. ‘08

Team Flynn (Black)
1-Alicia Hayes 5’7 King’s College ‘15
2-Emily Gratch 6’1 Lehigh ‘12
3-Andrea Notta 5’8 Phila. U. ‘10
4-Alyssa Isler 5’5 Gettysburg ‘14
5-Shira Newman 5’7 Millersville ‘13
6-Elle Larsen 6’ Swarthmore ‘15
7-Madeline Ross 5’8 Swarthmore ‘13
8-Kathryn Stockbower 5’11 Swarthmore ‘11
9-Jenn Prine 5’6 Shepherd ‘12
10-Calla Miller 5’9 Haverford ‘13
11-Courtney McManus 5’8 Salisbury ‘15

Team Kisha (Cardinal Red)
1-Kisha Thompson 5’5 Phila. U. ‘98
2-Chanta’al Hardy 5’9 Chestnut Hill ‘11
3-Lindsay Hoskins 6’ Lehigh ‘14
4-Alexa Williams 6’3 Lehigh ’12
5- Mary Jo Horgan 5’9 Lehigh ‘15
6-Kaitlin Cole 5’11 Holy Cross ‘13
7-Alex Smith 5’6 Holy Cross ‘14
8-Jenyce Woodruff 5’9 American U. ‘05
9-Alicia Papa 5’6 Xavier ‘07
10-Alicia Manning 5’9 Lafayette ‘13

Team Hagedorn (Kelly Green)
1-Devon Kane 5’7 Villanova ‘13
2-Katie Kuester 5’10 St. Jos. ‘12
3-Elle Hagedorn 5’10 Harvard ‘13
4-Emily Homan 6’3 Lafayette ‘15
5-Sarah McGorry 6’ Lafayette ‘12
6-Melissa Downey 5’7 Lafayette ‘12
7-Megan Pearson 5’11 Villanova ‘12
8-Katie O’Reilly 5’10 Lehigh ’15
9-Kelly Peterson 6’Lehigh ‘13
10-Marybeth Egan 5’8 Lehigh ’13
11-Lindsay Fluehr 5’7 U. Scranton ‘15

Draft Team I
1-Bianca Wombough 5’5 Penn State Abington ‘15
2-Trish Watson 5’5 Penn State Abington
3-Marisa Repasch 6’1 Lehigh ‘14
4-Aly Byorick 5’11 Lehigh ‘12
5-Gabrielle Vass 5’8 Lebanon Valley ‘14
6-Emily Leer 6’2 Villanova ‘14
7-Rachel Roberts 5’9 Villanova ‘13
8-Launa Hochstetler Valparaiso ’09
9-Cotelia Bond-Young 5’6 Wake Forest ‘07
10-Devin Gold 5’6 Caldwell College ‘15
11-Kimmy Green 5’8 Marywood U. ‘15

Draft Team II (AKA Weems)
1-Ashley Gale 6’ LaSalle ‘11
2-Nicole Curry 5’10 Goldey Beacon
3-MaryKate Serratelli 5’11 West Chester ‘11
4-Erin Shields 5’6 St. Jos ‘14
5-Mariah Lesure 6’ St. Jos. ‘15
6-Nikki Guynn 5’7 Temple ‘14
7-Amarra Boone 5’10 Susquehanna U. ‘14
8-Dana Albalancy 5’9 Connecticut Coll.’14
9-Shelby Smith 5’8 St. Jos. ‘13

-- Mel


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