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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Current Significant Ranking Streaks Thru Year 40 in AP WBB Poll

By Mel Greenberg @womhoopsguru @BlueStarMedia1

Here are the current ranking appearance streaks with Tennessee and Duke's past streaks also listed since they were in the top three before dropping out during the 2015-16.

The best current streaks of significant numbers by teams in the AP Women’s Poll thru the poll of 3/14/16 and poll of 3/14

 This completes Year 40, 710 voting weeks.

 156 teams have been ranked 16.742 times.

The Streaks

xx.. Tennessee 565 weeks. Began Feb. 17, 1985 after 10-wk drought and ran across 32 seasons ending on 2/15/16.

1. Connecticut 431 weeks. Began Preseason 93/94 and runs across 23 seasons

Xx . Duke 312 weeks. Began week 3 11/29/99 and runs across 17 seasons ending 1/11/2016.

2. Stanford 286 weeks. Began Preseason 01/02 and runs across 15 seasons.

3. Baylor 241 weeks. Began week 9 Jan. 5, 2004 and runs across 13 seasons.

4. Notre Dame 174 weeks. Began Preseason 07/08 and runs across 9 seasons.

5. Texas A&M 134 weeks. Began 11/16/09 2nd week and runs across 7 seasons.

6. Maryland 116 weeks. Began Preseason 10/11 and runs across 6 seasons.