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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Philly Summer League: Gold and Pink Stay Unbeaten a Half-Game Up on Neon Green

By Mel Greenberg @womhoopsguru

Saint Joseph’s sophomore Chelsea Woods topped her own league and season high by a point to 32 but her Red team (3-4) suffered a narrow loss to 68-63 loss to Maroon (5-2), also known as the predominately Division II West Chester squad and dropped into seventh place Tuesday night in the Philadelphia/Suburban Women’s NCAA Summer Basketball League at Kelly Bolish Gym, home of the AAU Renegades in Lower Bucks County.

Pink and Gold continued in an unbeaten tie for first at 6-0 with Pink, also known as predominantly the Division III Scranton squad, gaining a 52-42 win over Black (2-4), also known as the predominantly Division II Philadelphia U. squad, while Gold gained an easy 72-56 win over Forest Green (2-5), also known as the predominantly Division II Holy Family squad.

Black fell into an eighth-place tie with Sapphire Blue for what would be the last playoff spot in the 13-team league. The championship series begins at the end of the month.

Neon Green, paced by 21 points from Villanova sophomore Alex Louin, moved into third place a half-game behind the leaders at 5-1 after a competitive 72-60 win over Purple (5-2). Also known as the predominantly Division II USciences squad, which fell into a 4th-place tie with Maroon.

Besides Woods and Louin, two other players scored 20 or more points in the three doubleheaders with Aunjel Van Brakle of Ash, also known as the predominantly Millersville squad, also scored 21 points to lead the team (4-3) to a 74-68 win Kelly Green (1-5), which fell into an 11th-place tie with Orange (1-5), which had its turn to serve the bye.

Jasmine Elum had 24 for Gold, the defending champion from last summer.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s games all teams reach the halfway point on the 12-game schedule with some teams already at seven games but they have yet to serve their night off.

Looking Ahead

On Thursday night, Purple and Pink meet on Court 2 at 7 p.m. in a match involving teams at the high end of the standings, while Red and Gold might be interesting considering Woods’ performances to date in which she has now gone over 30 three times.

On Tuesday, Maroon and Purple, who have met in non-conference games in winters past during the collegiate season, will battle on Court 3 at 7 p.m. in what appears the most competitive game of the night in terms of the standings.

Looking further ahead in the month involving the frontrunners to date, Gold and Purple meet next Thursday at 7 p.m. on Court 2, Gold and Pink, which could see both teams still unbeaten, clash at 8:15 p.m. on Court 3 on Tuesday, July 21, while Gold and Neon Green meet at 8:15 p.m. on July 23 on Court 2.

Neon Green and Pink met opening night last month and Pink dealt Neon Green its only defeat so far.

The regular season wraps up on July 28 with the quarterfinals to be played July 30, the semifinals on August 4, and the championship on August 6.

Breaking Ties

So far things are not as wild as last year when a bunch of teams kept landing in the same tie-breaking situation. After Tuesday night, four two-teasm ties exist in the current standings.

Since head-to-head has yet to come into play to determine how teams would seed at the present moment, best win has been the primary component to break deadlocks.

Thus, Pink, with a win over Neon Green is in the No. 1 seed right now ahead of Gold, while Purple tops Maroon in fourth with a win over Ash, which became a better win after Ash moved up of its win over Kelly Green.

In eighth Black’s win over Red gained a nod over Sapphire Blue, while in 11th place, Kelly Green’s win over Black gained the edge over idle Orange.

Royal Blue (0-7), also known as Penn State-Abington, is still without a victory but in a pep talk last week from longtime commissioner David B. Kessler, he noted that there is a history of squads not doing well in the summer, but since the competition also serves as a learning experience, many of those aforementioned teams returned to their campuses in the fall and went on to have great winters.


The commissioner says this summer there are over 150 players representing more than 50 collegiate programs from all three NCAA divisions and several graduates are also in the mix.

The league has been playing quarters instead of halves after the NCAA passed new rules so the players will have a little experience going into this winter. The new time out allotment is also being used, the Guru believes.

Christine Verelle, a graduate of Dowling and Archbishop Wood, and playing on Kelly Green, will begin play in Denmark next month.


Maroon 68, Red 63: Kendall Benovy, a West Chester senior, scored 15 points for Maroon, while Golden Rams senior Mariah Powell, recent graduate Dallas Ely, and and junior Tori Smick each scored 14 points.

Behind Woods on Red, Sarah Griffin, a Hallahan High graduate scored seven points, and Lauren Gold, a Shippensburg junior out of Abington Friends, Kelsey Watson, a Kutztown junior out of Methacton, and Natalye Lee, a Kutztown senior out of Rancocas Valley, each scored six points.

Neon Green 72, Purple 60: Behind Louin, who also hit five 3-pointers, Maureen Leahy, a Bryant senior out of Cardinal O’Hara, scored 18 for the winners.

Sarah Abbonizio, targeted for 2020 graduation at USciences, scored 14 for Purple while Laura Trisch, a sophomore out of Archbishop Wood, scored eight points.

Pink 52, Black 42 : Saint Joseph’s senior Sarah Fairbanks scored 17 points to help keep Pink unbeaten while Lauren Whitlatch, a Penn sophomore, scored 12, and Julia Gantz, a Bloomsburg freshman, scored 10 points.

Black got seven points each from Alynna Williams, a listed 2021 targeted grad out of Philadelphia U, who is also a grad of Plymouth Whitemarsh, and Erin Maher, a Rams sophomore out of North Penn.

Gold 72, Forest Green 56: Besides Elum’s production, thst included 5-for-5 from the line, Saint Joseph’s sophomore Adashia Franklyn, a Bayard Rustin grad, made her debut following summer school and poured in 17 points for the defending champions.

Michala Clay, a Saint Joseph’s freshman, scored 17 for Forest Green while Katie O’Hara, a Holy Family freshman out of Rustin, scored 11, and Erin Fenningham, a Holy Family senior out of St. Basil Academy, scored 10 points.

Ash Grey 74, Kelly Green 58: Behind Van Brakle’s big night, the Millersville contingent also got 15 points from Taylor Pritchett, 14 from Jessica Gerber, a Kenyon freshman from Council Rock North, and 12 from Tyisha White, a Millersville senior from Octorara High.

Amanda Fioravanti, a Saint Joseph’s junior, scored 15 for Kelly Green, while Megan Gallagher, a 2014 DeSales grad out of St. Basil, scored 12, and Christine Verelle scored nine.

Sapphire Blue 58, Royal Blue 41 : Courtney Brown, an East Stroudsburg junior out of Council Rock, scored 11 for the winners, whose roster is dominated by the ESU group, while Emily O’Donnell, an Albright senior out of William Tennent, scored 10 points,

Elizabeth Jones, a PSU-Abington sophomore out of St. Hubert, scored 11 for Royal Blue, Kyra Lunsford, a senior out of Vineland, scored nine, and Jiana Clark, a junior out of Cheltenham, scored eight points.


Team W-L G.B. PF PA Pct.

(Thru Wed., July 8)
(True Order This Week)

1-Pink 6-0 -- 384 280 1.000
1-%-Gold 6-0 –- 376 300 1.000
3-%-Neon Green 5-1 1.0 361 299 .833
4-Purple 5-2 1.5 415 360 .714
4-Maroon 5-2 1.5 482 428 .714
6-&-Ash 4-3 2.5 296 288 .571
7-Red 3-4 3.5 471 478 .429
8-Black 2-4 4.0 317 332 .333
8-Sapphire 2-4 4.0 326 330 .333
10-Forest Green 2-5 4.5 384 466 .286
11-Kelly 1-5 5.0 354 420 .167
11-Orange 1-5 5.0 351 363 .167
13-Royal Blue 0-7 6.0 348 521 .000

%-includes 1 forfeit 2-0 win
&-includes 2 forfeit 0-2 losses

Season Results

Tues., July 7

Pink 52, Black 42
Gold 72, Forest Green 56
Neon Green 72, Purple 60
Maroon 68, Red 63
Ash Grey 74, Kelly Green 68
Sapphire Blue 58, Royal Blue 41

>Bye: Orange

Thurs., July 2

Maroon 67, Royal Blue 51
Ash 56, Sapphire Blue 59
Pink 60, Forest Green 56
Kelly Green 68, Black 51
Neon Green 75, Red 73
Purple 63, Orange 56

Bye: Gold

Tues., June 30

Red 60, Purple 47
Orange 89, Royal Blue 43
Gold 76, Kelly Green 60
Maroon 67, Black 48
Forest Green 60, Sapphire Blue 54
Neon Green 2, Ash 0, forfeit

Bye: Pink

Thurs, June 25

Maroon 77, Orange 56
Purple 59, Sapphire Blue 54
Red 94 , Kelly Green 64
Gold 2, Ash 0, forfeit
Pink 87, Royal Blue 31

Bye: Neon Green

Tues., June 23

Black 49, Orange 47

Neon Green 91, Forest Green 42
Purple 59, Ash 31
Red 89, Royal Blue 84
Gold 87, Maroon 84
Pink 54, Sapphire Blue 49

Bye: Kelly Green

Thurs, June 18

Gold 70, Royal Blue 57
Ash 74, Forest Green 67
Sapphire Blue 62, Orange 60
Neon Green 69, Maroon 60
Pink 67, Red 50
Purple 66, Kelly Green 40

Bye: Black

Tues, June 16

Maroon 59, Kelly Green 54
Gold 69, Orange 43
Black 73, Red 42
Pink 64, Neon Green 52
Purple 61, Forest Green 47
Ash 61, Royal Blue 41

Bye: Sapphire Blue

Looking Ahead

Thurs., July 9

7 p.m.

Neon Green (5-1) vs,. Sapphire Blue (2-4), Court 1
Purple (5-2) vs. Pink (6-0), Court 2
Forest Green (2-5) vs. Royal Blue (0-7), Court 3

8:15 p.m.

Orange (1-5) vs. Kelly Green (1-5), Court 1
Gold (6-0) vs. Red (3-4), Court 2
Black (2-4) vs. Ash (4-3), Court 3

Bye: Maroon (5-2)

Tues., July 14

7 p.m.

Gold vs. Black, Court 1
Kelly Green vs. Royal Blue, Court 2
Maroon vs. Purple, Court 3

8:15 p.m.

Pink vs. Ash, Court 1
Red vs. Sapphire Blue, Court 2
Neon Green vs. Orange, Court 3

Bye: Forest Green

Thurs., July 16

7 p.m.

Black vs. Royal Blue, Court 1
Gold vs. Purple, Court 2
Kelly Green vs. Neon Green, Court 3

8:15 p.m.

Red vs. Forest Green, Court 1
Pink vs. Orange, Court 2
Maroon vs. Sapphire Blue, Court 3

Bye: Ash

Tues., July 21

7 p.m.

Red vs. Orange, Court 1
Ash vs. Maroon, Court 2
Forest Green vs. Kelly Green, Court 3

8:15 p.m.

Royal Blue vs. Neon Green, Court 1
Black vs. Sapphire Blue, Court 2
Gold vs. Pink, Court 3

Bye: Purple

Scoring 20 Points or More

32-Chelsea Woods, Red (L) vs. Maroon (W) – July 7
31-Dallas Ely, Maroon (W) vs. Royal Blue (L) – July 2
31-Chelsea Woods, Red (W) vs. Kelly Green (L) – June 25
30- Megan Quinn, Neon Green (W), vs. Forest Green (L) - June 23
30-Maureen Leahy, Neon Green (W), vs. Forest Green (L) –June 23

28-Chelsea Woods, Red (L), vs. Neon Green (W) – July 2
28- Chelsea Woods, Red (W), vs. vs. Royal Blue (L) – June 23
28-Chelsea Woods, Red (L), vs. Pink (W) – June 18
25-Megan Quinn, Neon Green (W), vs. Red (L) – July 2
25-Tori Smick, Maroon (L) vs. Gold (W) – June 23
25-Ashley Wood, Gold (W) vs Orange (L) – June 16
25-Alex Louin, Neon Green (W) vs Maroon (L) – June 18

24-Jasmine Elum, Gold (W) vs. Forest Green (L) – July 7
24-Jasmine Elum, Gold (W) vs. Kelly Green (L) – June 30
24-Sarah Fairbanks, Pink (W) vs. Red (L) – June 18
24-Tyniqua Henderson, Royal Blue (L) vs. Gold (W) – June 18
23-Mackenzie Carroll, Orange (W) vs. Royal Blue (L) – June 25
23-Lauren Crisler, Gold (W) vs. Maroon (L) – June 23
22-Sarah Fairbanks, Pink (W) vs. Forest Green (L) – July 2
22-Alex Thomas, Purple (W) vs. Sapphire Blue (L) – June 25
22-Micah Morgan, Purple (W), vs. Kelly Green (L) – June 18

21-Alex Louin, Neon Green (W), vs. Purple (L) – July 7
21-Aunjel Van Brakle, Ash (W), vs. Kelly Green (W) – July 7
21-Chelsea Woods, Red (W) vs. Purple (L) – June 25
21 – Sarah Payonk, Pink (W) vs. Royal Blue (L) – June 25
21-Natalya Lee, Red (W), vs. Royal Blue (L) – June 23
21-Alex Louin, Neon Green (W), vs. Forest Green (L) –June 23
21-Lauren Crisler, Gold (W) vs. Royal Blue – June 18
20-Samantha Stipa, Neon Green (W) vs. Red (L) - July 2
20-Maggie Locke, Royal Blue (L) vs. Orange (W) – June 25
20-Mary Ellen McCollum, Kelly Green (L) vs, Red (L) – June 25
20-Margaret Melham, Red (W) vs. Royal Blue (L) – June 23
20-Brittany Sicinski, Maroon (L) vs. Gold (W) – June 23

Tie-Break Tracker

True Order This Week

Pink (6-0) vs. NG (W), Red (W), SB (W), RB(W), FG(W), Black (W)
Gold (6-0) vs. O (W), RB (W), vs. M (W), Ash (W-*F), KG(W), FG(W)
Neon Green (5-1) vs. Pink(L), M(W), FG (W), Ash (W-*F), Red(W), Purple (L)
Purple (5-2) vs. FG (W), KG (W), A(W), SB(W), Red (L), O(W), NG(L)
Maroon (5-2) vs. KG (W), NG (L), G(L).O(W), Black (W), RB(W), Red(W)
Ash (4-3) vs. RB (W), FG (W), Purple (L), Gold (L-*F), NG(L-*F),SB(W), KG(W)
Red (3-4) vs. Blk (L), Pink (L), RB(W),KG(W), Purp(W), NG(L), M(L)
Black (2-4) vs. Red (W), O (W), FG(L), M(L), KG(L), Pink (L)
Sapphire Blue (2-4) O(W), Pink(L),Purp(L), FG(L), Ash(L), RB(W)
Forest Green (2-5) vs. Purp (L), Ash (L), NG(L),B(W), SB(W),Pink(L),Gold (L)
Kelly Green (1-5) vs. M (L), Purp (L),Red(L), Gold(L),Black(W), Ash (L)
Orange (1-5) vs. Gold (L), SB (L), B(L),M(L), RB(W),Purple(L)
Royal Blue (0-7) vs. Ash (L), Gold (L), Red (L),Pink(L), O(L),M(L), SB(L)

*-Forfeit win or loss

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