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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Philly Summer League: Hunter Green, White and Gold Stay 1-2-3 Standings Leaders

By Mel Greenberg

Saint Joseph's and Lehigh players continue to have outstanding summers among other star performers as was displayed again in Tuesday night's action in the Philadelphia/Suburban NCAA Women's Basketball Summer League at Kelly Bolish Gym, home of the AAU Renegades.

It was also a night of compassion from Commissioner David Kessler, now in his 20th season running the league, as he first allowed a few late starts of the 7 p.m. games, avoiding the 7:15 forfeit rule, because of numerous players getting caught in a major traffic jam on the nearby Pennsylvania Turnpike.

He also winked at the accidential sister errors when Hunter Green's Erin Shields, an incoming senior at Saint Joseph's, and recent Boston College graduate Kerri accidentally wore each other's jerseys.

Despite the miscue it was business as usual otherwise for the league-leading Hunter Green group, which stayed a half-game ahead of White (7-1), with the tie-breaker between the two teams, as Erin scored 26 points and Kerri scored 14 in a 75-59 win over Navy Blue (3-5), which dropped into a three-way tie for the eighth and final playoff spot with idle Kelly Green, which had the nightly bye, and Black.

Erin Shields has scored 20 or more points five times this summer to lead all players in that category.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, an incoming Hawks freshman, scored 18 points for Hunter Green and Lauren Crisler, an incoming freshman at American University in the nation's capital, scored 12 points.

Amina Affini, a Lehigh sophomore, scored 11 for Navy Blue as did Saint Joseph's freshman Geena Gomez, while Daphne Ginn, a Division III Stevens Institute of Technology freshman scored nine points.

White stayed right behind Hunter Green, taking a 68-57 win over Purple (5-3), which stayed tied for fourth with Sky Blue, an 81-59 upset loser to Heather Grey (3-6), which is in 11th placed, but still alive for a playoff spot.

In the White win, Villanova junior Emily Leer scored 12 points, West Chester graduate Allison Hostetter also scored 12, and Catherine Carr, a former Division II Holy Family star, scored nine points.

Liz Sharlow, a Lehigh sophomore, scored 23 points for Purple, one of three players to hit the 20 points or better milestone in Tuesday's games. Meg Gallagher, a Division III DeSales senior, scored 14 points.

In the night's closest action, Gold (7-2) stayed in third place a game behiind Hunter Green, with a low-scoring narrow 38-35 win over sixth-place Maroon (5-4), the predominately Division II University of the Sciences of Philadelphia, which had a four-game win streak snapped in the defensive battle.

Sarah Fairbanks, a Saint Joseph's sophomore, scored eight points, while Mackenzie Rule, a Hawks freshman and future teammate Natasha Cloud, a Hawks junior, each scored seven points.

Maroon's Jessica Sylvester scored 13 and Brianna Traub scored eight points.

Gold had been averaging 58.3 points a game before the Devils' defense short-circuited the offensive power 20 points below Gold's average.

A Gold 10-0 run with 90 seconds left in the game enabled them to build a 36-30 lead.

Sylvester's triple cut the advantage in half, though Gold then got two back at the foul line. Traub, fouled on attempting a trey, hit two of three free throws for the game's final points though Maroon was looking for a five-seconds violation call against Gold in the final 25 seconds but the officials did not budge.

Meanwhile, though Purple suffered a setback, it stayed tied for fourth off Sky Blue's loss to Heather Grey, which got a league season-high 32 points from Lehigh sophomore Kerry Kinek. Kayla Burton, a a Lehigh freshman, scored 18 points, while Pallavi Juneja, a Division III Haverford junior, scored 11 points.

Brittany Sicinski, a West Chester sophomore who has been lighting up the scoreboard along with Hunter Green's Erin Shields, had another productive night, scoring 19 points for Sky Blue. Chikisha Steele-Hook, a Golden Rams sophomore, scored 12 points.

The other two games are in the Thursday remaining re-caps down below.

Looking Ahead

Though Hunter Green (8-1) has a one-game marrgin of error and the tie-break over White from a head-to-head win, the standings leaders will be looking to maintain their pace Thursday night at 8:15 on Court 1 when they meet Sky Blue (5-3), the predominate West Chester squad which is locked in a fourth-place tie with Purple.

White (7-1) at 7 p.m. on Court 2 will meet Navy Blue (3-5), which is locked in a three-way tie for eighth with Kelly Green, the predominate Division II Holy Family group, and Black, the predominate Divison II Philadelphia University Group.

Kelly Green at 7 p.m. on Court 1 will meet Gold, looking to at least hold on to third place. Black and Kelly Green have a showdown at 8:15 p.m. Court 1 next Tuesday.

Black at 7 p.m. on Court 2 will meet 6th place Maroon (5-4), the predominate Division II USP bunch, which is looking to move up in the standings.

Purple (5-3) looking to break out of its tie with Sky Blue, willl meet 7th place Red (4), the predominate Division III Scranton group at 8:15 p.m. on Court 3, while Orange (0-8) has its best chance to get its first win, meeting 12th place Royal Blue (1-7) at 7 p.m. on Court 3.

After Thursday, three nights of regular-season competition remain thru July 30th to determine the eight playoff teams and seeding position, as mentioned, though some teams who have yet to serve their byes, have just three games left, including Thursday's games.

Thursday's complete schedule with team records is listed next followed by the remaining regular season schedule and then the playoffs through the championship game.

Thursday, July 18

7 p.m. Kelly Green (3-5) vs. Gold (7-2), Court 1
Maroon (5-4) vs. Black (3-5), Court 2
Orange (0-8) vs. Royal Blue (1-7), Court 3

8:15 p.m.Sky Blue (5-3) vs. Hunter Green (8-1), Court 1
Navy Blue (3-5) vs. White (7-1), Court 2
Purple (5-3) vs. Red (4-4), Court 3
Bye: Heather Grey

Tuesday, July 23

7 p.m. Heather Grey vs. Hunter Green, Court 1
Sky Blue vs. White, Court 2
Navy Blue vs. Red, Court 3

8:15 p.m. Kelly Green vs. Black, Court 1
Maroon vs. Royal Blue, Court 2
Orange vs. Purple, Court 3
Bye: Gold

Thursday, July 25

7 p.m. Gold vs Black, Court 1
Kelly Green vs. Royal Blue, Court 2
Maroon vs. Purple, Court 3

8:15 p.m. Heather Grey vs. White, Court 1
Sky Blue vs. Red, Court 2
Navy Blue vs. Orange, Court 3
Bye: Hunter Green

Tuesday, July 30 (End of Regular Season)
7 p.m. Sky Blue vs. Navy, Court 1
Purple vs. Heather Grey, Court 2
Hunter Green vs. Royal Blue, Court 3

8:15 p.m. Kelly Green vs. Orange, Court 1
Red vs. Gold, Court 2
Black vs. White, Court 3
Bye: Maroon


Thurday, Aug. 1
7:15 p.m. 8th Place vs. 1st Place, Court 1
6th Place vs. 3rd Place, Court 2

8:15 p.m. 7th place vs. 2d Place, Court 1
5th Place vs. 4th Place, Court 2


Tuesday, Aug. 6
Court 1

7 p.m. Highest seed survivor vs. Lowest seed survivor
<8:15 p.m. Other two quarterfinals survivors

Thursday, Aug. 8
Court 1

7 p.m. Championship winner take all

Tuesday's Remaining Overall Recaps

Red 80, Royal Blue 56: The predominate Division III Scranton Red squad (4-4), which moved into sole possession of seventh place a half-game behind Maroon and just one behind fourth-place Sky Blue and Purple, got 12 points from Jaclyn Gantz, a Royals sophomore; 10 each from Stephanie Keyes, a Scranton junior, and Lia DiSciascia, also a junior; while Lindsay Fluehr, another Royals junior, scored nine points.

Royal Blue (1-7), which forfeited two games last week for lack of players caused by outside commitments that occurred during the three-game schedule played to make up the July 4th date, returned to action and got 16 points from Kelsey Watson, a Division II Kutztown junior, 12 from Penn junior Kara Bonenberger, and 10 each from Kara's sister Alyssa of Kutztown, and Katie Bay, a Division III Washington College senior.

Black 52, Orange 47: In another close game Black, predominately Division II Philadelphia University, moved into a three-way tie for eighth with Kelly Green and Navy Blue, while keeping Orange (0-8) winless as Monica Schacker, a Rams junior, scored 13 points, as did classmate Najah Jacobs.

Ryann Fiascki, a Division II East Stroudsburg junior, and Danielle Derr, a Division II Bloomsburg recent graduate, each scored 10 points for Orange.

Hitting the Milestone

On Tuesday night, Heather Grey's Kerry Kinek, a sophomore at Lehigh, set a season high individual nightly performance for the league with 32 points, wbile Erin Shields, a Saint Joseph's senior, nailed 26 points for Hunter Green, her fifth time hitting the milestone this summer.

Liz Sharlow, a Lehigh sophomore, scored 23 for Purple in a loss to White, making it three times she hit the category and Kinek has now done it twice.

Injury Report

In an undetermined injury early in the Hunter Green-Purple game, last Thursday, Division III Gettysburg junior Jenna Swope of Purple was helped off the floor after hurting her knee.

She was at Tuesday's game on crutches awaiting an MRI, which is hopes produces a good diagnosis, according to the commissioner.

Explaining the Standings

Once again this time around the standings are still in their natural tiebreaking state for the moment in terms of seeding order if regular season play ended today, though not everybody has yet to play the same number of games because of the nightly byes.

Right now Hunter Green, White and Gold hold the first three spots all alone because of records while the fourth-place tie between Purple and Sky Blue puts Purple in front based on its head-to-head win between the two teams.

Maroon is alone in sixth and Red is alone in seventh.

The eighth-place three-way tie, which at the end of the regular season would involve the final playoff berth, among Kellly Green, Navy Blue and Black, gets broken this way right now.

Among them Kelly Green is 1-0 with a win over Navy Blue to get the eighth seed, while Navy Blue is 1-1 with a win over Black and loss to Kelly Green to get the ninth seed. Black at 0-1 with a loss to Navy Blue gets the 10th seed with a game to be played against Kelly Green.

The remaining of the 13 teams are each standing alone in their position untied because of their respective records. While it appears even winless Orange

White could mathematically become the secoond official qualifier in the eight-team playoff field after its next game and maybe several others.

The Guru will do more after Thursday night but here are the remaining games left for the teams in the three-way tie and 10th-place Heather Grey.

K.G. vs. Gold, 7/18; vs. Black, 7/23; vs. R.B., 7/25; vs. Orange, 7/30
N.B. vs. White, 7/18; vs. Red, 7/23; vs. Orange, 7/25; vs. Sky Blue, 7/30
Black vs Maroon, 7/18; vs. K.G., 7/18; vs. Gold, 7/25; vs. White, 7/30
Heath G. - Bye 7/18; vs. Hunt G., 7/23; vs. White, 7/25; vs. Purple, 7/30

The running grid is now in proper order to look at tiebreakers for seeding and making the eight-team field, though while the big gridlocks have been reduced to small knots, enough games are left to either create some headaches at the pre-playoff finish or everything may be resolved without much angst caused to the commissioner and the Guru, his standings consulting officer.

Also, continued special thanks to Tom Utescher for providing pictures that will enable this report to switch over to being housed in PhilahoopsW and a duplicate of last Thursday's report here is now over at http://philahoopsw.com to see what the future of coverage may be.

The Guru will tweet @womhoopsguru when photos and coverage at philahoopsw are in play.


Team, Won-Loss, Pct., GB, Pts., Opp. Points

%-1-Hunter Green, 8-1, .889, ---, 624, 554
2-White, 7-1, .875, 0.5, 454, 349
3-Gold, 7-2, .778, 1.0, 446, 414
4-Purple, 5-3, .625, 2.5, 475, 471
4-Sky Blue, 5-3, .625, 2.5 , 517, 476
6-Maroon, 5-4, .556, 3.0, 456, 467
7-Red, 4-4, .500, 3.5, 488, 447
8-Kelly Green, 3-5, .375, 4.5 , 481, 495
8-Navy Blue, 3-5, .375, 4.5, 442, 491
8-Black, 3-5, .375, 4.5, 440, 470
11-Heather Grey, 3-6, .333, 5.0, 538, 524
12-Royal Blue, 1-7, .125, 6.5, 314, 408
13-Orange, 0-8, .000, 7.5, 355, 477
%-Clinched playoff spot

Running Grid
This becomes the tracking tie-breaker and seeding guide in a few weeks for the eight-team playoffs, which will begin after the regular season ends July 30.

1-Hunt. G. vs. Red (W), vs. Orange (W), Maroon (W), vs. Kelly G (W), vs. Gold (L), vs. Black (W), vs. White (W), vs. Purple (W), vs. N.B. (W)
2-White vs. Red (W), vs. Orange (W), vs. Maroon (W), vs. Kelly Green (W), vs. Gold (W), vs. Hunt. G. (L), vs. R.B. (W-Forfeit), vs. Purple (W)
3-Gold vs. Purple (W), vs. N.B. (L), vs. Sky B. (W), vs. Heath. Grey (W), vs. Hunt G. (W), vs. White (L), vs. R.B. (W-Forfeit), vs. Orange (W), vs. Maroon (W).
4-Purple vs. Gold (L), vs. Black (W-OT), vs. R.B (W), vs. N.B. (W-OT), vs. Sky B. (W), vs. Kelly G (W), vs. Hunt. G (L), vs. White (L)
4-Sky B. vs. Maroon (W), vs. Kelly G (W), vs. Gold (L), vs. Black (W), vs. R.B. (W), vs. Purple (L), vs. Orange (W), vs Heath. Grey (L)
6-Maroon vs. Sky B. (L), vs. Heath. Grey (W), vs. Hunt G. (L), vs. White (L), vs. Red (W), vs. Orange (W), vs. N.B. (W), vs. Kelly G. (W), vs. Gold (L)
7-Red vs. Hunt G. (L), vs. White (L), vs. Orange (W), vs. Maroon (L), vs. Kelly Green (L), vs. Heath. Grey (W), vs. vs. Black (W), vs. R.B. (W)
8-Kelly G. vs. N.B. (W), vs. Sky B, (L), vs. Heath. Grey (W), vs. Hunt G. (L), vs. White (L), vs. Red (W), vs. Purple (L), vs. Maroon (L)
8-N.B. vs. Kelly G. (L), vs. Gold (W), vs. Black (W), vs. R.B. (L), vs. Purple (L-OT), vs. Maroon (L), vs. Heath. Grey (W), vs. Hunt. Green (L)
8-Black vs. R.B. (W), vs. Purple (L-OT), vs. N.B. (L), vs. Sky B (L), Heath. Grey (W), vs. Hunt. G (L), vs. Red (L), vs. Orange (W)
11-Heath. Grey vs. Orange (W), vs. Maroon (L), vs. Kelly G. (L), vs. Gold (L), vs. Black (L), vs. R.B. (W), vs. Red (L), vs. N.B. (L), vs. Sky Blue (W)
12-R.B. vs. Black (L), vs. Purple (L), vs. N.B. (W), vs. Sky B. (L), vs. Heath. Grey (L), vs. Gold (L-Forfeit), vs. White (L-Forfeit), vs. Red (L)
13-Orange vs. Heath. Grey (L), vs. Hunt G. (L), vs. White (L), vs. Red (L), vs. Maroon (L), vs. Sky B (L), vs. Gold (L), vs. Black (L)

Top Individual Peformances (20 or more points)

32 Pts.: Kerry Kinek, Heather Grey (W), vs. Sky Blue, July 16
29 Pts.: Erin Shields, Hunter Green, (W) vs. White, July 10
27 Pts.: Kathryn Stockbower, Heather Grey (W) vs. Orange, June 18
26 Pts.: Brittany Sicinski, Sky Blue (W) vs. Black, June 27
26 Pts.: Erin Shields, 25 Pts.: Hunter Green (W) vs. Navy Blue, July 16
25 Pts.: Erin Shields, Hunter Green (W) vs. Red, June 18
25 Pts.: Erin Shields, Hunter Green (W) vs. Orange, June 20
25 Pts.: Brittany Sicinski, Sky Blue (W) vs. Royal Blue, July 2
24 Pts.: Ciara Andrews, Navy Blue (L) vs. Maroon, July 10
23 Pts.: Katie Kuester, Hunter Green (W) vs. Red, June 18
23 Pts.: Catherine Carr, White (L) vs. Hunter Green, July 10
23 Pts.: Liz Sharlow, Purple (L) vs. White, July 16
22 Pts.: Alyssa Bonenberger, Royal (L) vs. Purple, June 25
22 Pts.: Kelsey Watson, Royal (L) vs. Sky Blue, July 2
21 Pts.: Kendall Benovy, Sky Blue (W), vs. Black, July 2
21 Pts: Ashley Wood, White (W) vs. Kelly Green, July 2
21 Pts.: Erin Shields, Hunter Green (L) vs. Gold, July 2
21 Pts.: Ciara Andrews, Navy Blue (L-OT)., vs. Purple, July 2
21 Pts.: Brittany Wood, Kelly Green (L) vs. Purple, July 10
21 Pts: Liz Sharlow, Purple (L) vs. Hunter Green, July 11
21 Pts: Kerry Kinek, Heather Grey (L) vs. Navy Blue, July 11
20 Pts.: Ciara Andrews, Navy Blue (W) vs. Black, June 25
20 Pts.: Camille McPherson, Maroon (W) vs. Red, July 2
20 Pts.: Brittany Sicinski, Sky Blue (L) vs. Purple, July 9
20 Pts.: Brittany Sicinski, SkyBlue (W) vs. Orange, July 10

Till next report

-- Mel

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