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Monday, July 09, 2012

Guru's College Report: The Coaching Carousel Stops Spinning

(Guru's note: Updated Monday, Oct. 8, to reflecthaving missed late June hire at Jackson State of Surina R. Dixon from high school, but a previous head coach at Md.-Eastern Shore. Previous closeout and update on July 9 reflected the hire of Massachusetts associate head coach Steve Lanpher at NJIT and June 18 hire of Jackson State assistant Elvis Robinson at Mississippi Valley State.

Previously reflected the hires of Jim Davis at Tennessee Tech and Michael Brooks at Bradley.

Division I changes stop at 74, rookies up to 43, and all vacancies are now filled.

Blog copied from original May 1 posting and moved up with update.

The Guru has deleted other information in the precede in this note to avoid crowding at the top of the blog. All the info is on the charts and story lead-in adjusted to the update.)

By Mel Greenberg
Continuing updating the carousel, Massachusetts associate head coach Steve Lanpher hired at NJIT and on June 18 Jackson State assistant Elvis Robinson was hired at Mississippi Valley State.

The previous update had Michael Brooks promoted from assistant at Bradley increasing all rookies to 43 as of this post and Jim Davis, a former longtime Clemson coach who had been assistant at Young Harris College and previously after coming out of retirement an assistant with the WNBA Minnesota Lynx, hired at Tennessee Tech.

The update before that reflected the hire of Sue Darling hired at Northen Arizona from assistant at Arizona and previous D-1 head coach at Air Force.

All vacancies since season ended are now filled barring anything to come moving forward and the total stops with 74 D-1 jobs changing hands.

The Wake Forest hire of Jen Hoover completed all 13 BCS openings.

Fred Applin from 1995-97 was head women's coach at Hampton, depriving him of rookie status, though he is more known for a longtime stint at Texas under Hall of Famer Jody Conradt and also on the staffs at Wake Forest and most recently East Carolina. Likewise per not being a rookie is through the final update here mentioning the hire of Surina R. Dixon at Jackson State from high school but a past head coach at Md.-Eastern Shore.

Likewise, Sandra Rushing, recently hired at Central Arkansas from Delta State has a previous history at D-1 UTEP.

VCU with its new coach Marlene Stollings is now as of July 1 officially moved to a new conference in 2012-13 in the Atlantic 10, which had announced hire of former longtime Old Dominion legendary coach Wendy Larry as associate commissioner over women's basketball.

Re-shuffling the Division I breakout from the WBCA and Guru compiliations, as of Monday, July 9, here first are the rookie Division I coaches, who become eligible for the WBCA Maggie Dixon award. Most recent hires after original compilation are below after the alphabetical list gets out of synch.

1. Bowling Green -- Jennifer Roos -- Promoted from associate head coach.
2. Bucknell -- Aaron Roussell -- Was DIII head coach at Chicago.
3. College of Charleston -- Natasha Adair -- Was on staff at Wake Forest.
4. Drake -- Jennie Baranczyk -- Was an assistant at Colorado.
5. Eastern Michigan -- Tori Verdi -- Was an assistant at Kansas, Nebraska, Columbia and on staff of WNBA Conn. Sun.
6. Georgia Southern -- Chris Vozab -- Was an assistant at Dayton, also on staffs of Winthrop and Canisius.
7. Georgetown -- Keith Brown -- Promoted from assistant.
8. George Washington -- Jonathan Tsipis -- Was associate head coach at Notre Dame.
9. Kennesaw State -- Nitra Perry -- Was associate head coach at Toledo.
10. Kent State -- Danielle O'Banion -- Was associate head coach at Memphis.
11. Mississippi State -- Vic Schaefer -- Was associate head coach at Texas A&M.
12. North Carolina Central -- Vanessa Taylor -- Was head coach at Division II Johnson C. Smith.
13. Northwestern State -- Brooke & Scott Stoehr -- Brooke was assistant at Texas Tech; Scott most recently H.S.
14. Oral Roberts -- Misti Cussen -- Promoted from top assistant.
15. St. Francis, Pa -- Joe Haigh -- Promoted from top assistant.
16. Siena -- Ali Jaques -- Was associate head coach at Northwestern.
17. St. John's -- Joe Tartamella -- Promoted from associate head coach.
18. Troy -- Chanda Rigby -- Was head coach at Pensacola State College -- under the NJCAA.
19. Denver -- Kerry Cremeans -- Was associate head coach at Auburn was also at Florida and Purdue.
20. Hawaii -- Laura Beeman -- Was an associate head coach at Southern Cal.
21. Louisiana-Lafayette -- Gary Brodhead -- Was associate head coach at McNeese State.
22. UMKC -- Marsha Frese -- Was associate head coach at Northern Illinois and served elsewhere. Md's B. Frese a sister.
23. North Dakota -- Travis Brewster -- Promoted from associate head coach.
24. U. of Tennessee -- Holly Warlick -- Promoted from associate head coach.
25. Valparaiso -- Tracey Dorow -- Was head coach at DII Ferris State.
26. Wagner -- Lisa Cermignano -- Was assistant at Illinois, was also at Vanderbilt and George Washington.
27. Western Kentucky -- Michelle Clark-Heard -- Was an assistant at Louisville.
28. Western Michigan -- Shane Clipfell -- Was associate head coach at Michigan State.
29. Wisconsin-Milwaukee -- Kyle Rechliz -- Was assistant head coach at Wisconsin.
30. UNC Wilmington -- Adell Harris -- Was head coach at Division II Tusculum.
31. Florida Atlantic -- Kellie Lewis-Jay -- Was an assistant at Nebraska.
32. North Carolina A&T -- Tarrell Robinson -- Was associate head coach at VCU.
33. North Carolina Asheville -- Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick -- Was assistant coach at Florida.
34. Lipscomb -- Greg Brown -- Was associate head coach at Central Florida.
35. High Point -- DeUnna Hendrix -- Promoted from assistant coach.
36. UC Irvine -- Doug Oliver -- Promoted from assistant coach.
37. Eastern Illinois -- Lee Buchanan -- Promoted from associate head coach.
38. Delaware State -- Tamika L. Louis -- Had been assistant coach at George Washington prior to change of head coach over the Colonials.
39. South Dakota -- Amy (Gusso) Williams -- Had been head coach of NAIA Rogers State.
40. Winthrop -- Kevin Cook -- Promoted from assistant.
41. Bradley -- Michael Brooks -- Promoted from assistant.
42. Mississippi Valley State -- Elvis Robinson -- Was assistant at Jackson State.
43. NJIT -- Steve Lanpher -- Had been associate head coach at Massachusetts.

Boxscore on rookies -- 24 female 18 male; 1 married couple; 12 in-house promotions; 3 DII HC; 1 DIII HC; 1 NJCAA HC; 1 NAIA HC, 25 were assistants or associate head coaches at D 1 schools, including 15 BCS schools.

BCS Hires
1. Auburn -- Terri Williams-Flournoy -- Was head coach at BCS Georgetown.
2. Boston College -- Erik Johnson -- Was head coach at MM Denver.
3. Georgetown -- Keith Brown -- Promoted from BCS staff.
4. Indiana -- Curt Miller -- Was head coach at MM Bowling Green.
5. Mississippi State -- Vic Schaefer -- Was assoc. head coach at BCS Texas A&M.
6. Providence -- Susan Robinson Fruchtl -- Was head coach at MM St. Francis, Pa.
7. St. John's -- Joe Tartamella -- Promoted from associate head coach at BCS St. John's.
8. U of Illinois -- Matt Bollant -- Was head coach at MM Wis.-Green Bay.
9. U of Michigan -- Kim Barnes Arico -- Was head coach at BCS St. John's.
10. U of Mississippi -- Adrian Wiggins -- Was head coach at MM Fresno State.
11. U of Tennessee -- Holly Warlick -- Promoted from associate head coach at BCS Tenn.
12. Texas -- Karen Aston -- Was head coach at MM North Texas.
13. Wake Forest -- Jen Hoover -- Was head coach at MM High Point.

Boxscore -- 6 female, 7 males; 2 head coach bcs; 7 head coach MMs; 3 inhouse promos; 1 assoc hc bcs.

Other DI Hires
1. Ball State -- Brady Sallee -- Was head coach at MM Eastern Illinois.
2. Fresno State -- Raegan Pebley -- Was head coach at MM Utah State
3. Charleston Southern -- Fred Applin -- Was asst at MM East Carolina; Also on staffs at Wake, Texas; HC MM Hampton.
4. Grambling -- Patricia Bibbs -- Was head coach at MM North Carolina A&T
5. Loyola Marymount -- Charity Elliott -- Was at D-II San Diego but also coached at D-1 Portland State.
6. St. Louis -- Lisa Stone -- A past head coach at BCS Wisconsin
7. Tennessee State -- Larry Inman -- A past head coach at MM Middle Tennessee
8. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi -- Royce Chadwick -- Was recently long-term head coach at MM Marshall, and also was HC at Stephen F. Austin
9. Texas Southern -- Cynthia Cooper-Dyke -- Was head coach at MM UNC Wilmington
10. North Texas -- Mike Petersen -- Was head coach at BCS Wake Forest
11. Wis.-Green Bay -- Kenneth Borseth -- Was head coach at BCS Michigan; a past hc at MM Wis.-Green Bay
12. Utah State -- Jerry Finkbeiner -- Was head coach at MM Oral Roberts
13. Arkansas Pine Bluff -- Nate Kilbert -- Was head coach at MM Mississippi Valley State
14. Colorado State -- Ryun Williams -- Was head coach at MM South Dakota
15. Marshall -- Matt Daniel -- Was head coach at MM Central Arkansas
16. Central Arkansas -- Sandra Rushing -- Was head coach at D-II Delta State and had coached at D-I UTEP.
17. VCU -- Marlene Stollings -- Was head coach at MM Winthrop.
18. S. Illinois-Edwardsville -- Paula Buscher -- Was head coach at MM Bradley.
19. Buffalo -- Felisha Legette-Jack -- Had been head coach at BCS Indiana and previously MM Hofstra.
20. Northern Arizona -- Sue Darling -- Had been Arizona assistant and Air Force head coach.
21. Tennessee Tech -- Jim Davis -- Had been an assistant at Harris Young College and previously longtime head coach at D1 BCS Clemson.
22. Jackson State -- Surina R. Dixon -- Fromhigh school but a past coach at D-I Md.-Eastern Shore.

Boxscore -- 11 female, 11 males; 4 BCS Head coach, 13 MM Head coach, 1 D-II Head coach, 3 Asst., 1 high school.

Vacancies (as of July 9, 2012)
All filled.

That's the updating for now.

-- Mel

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