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Mel Greenberg covered college and professional women’s basketball for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he worked for 40 plus years. Greenberg pioneered national coverage of the game, including the original Top 25 women's college poll. His knowledge has earned him nicknames such as "The Guru" and "The Godfather," as well as induction into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Guru's Guide To The Philly/Suburban NCAA Women's Summer League

By Mel Greenberg

The Philadelphia/Suburban NCAA Women's Basketball Summer League begins play Tuesday night and will continue Thursday and then each Tuesday and Thursday for the most part through late July when the playoffs begin.

The exception to the weekly competition is the week containing July 4 when only Thursday night July 5 will be listed for games.

The league, featuring primarily local players from all three NCAA Divisions, will for the third straight season host competition at the Kelly Bolish Gymnasium, home of the AAU Renegades, in Hatboro, Pa., in lower Bucks County off Davisville Road, near Byberry Road.

The facility is located off Davisville Road (left turn northbound) on Turnpike Drive and can be found on google maps.

With an expansion of one team to 12 there will be doubleheaders on all three courts at 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. on game nights.

David Kessler, though retired several years ago from the Phila. Dept. of Recreation, continues to be the commissioner.

His email is at deucedbk@comcast.net. to direct all inquiries.

Eight teams will qualify for the playoffs that will consist of single elimination play in the quarterfinals and semifinals followed by a best-of-three set that will be held for the finals.

The quarterfinals will be played July 31, the semifinals on August 2, followed by the championship series on August 7, 8, and, if necessary 9, which means the season will end before the St. Joseph's crew heads to Ireland for a tour prior to the start of the fall semester.

Lime Green is the defending champion though the roster from last season does have some alterations.

Under NCAA rules, only two teammates from existing Division I school rosters can play together but an exception is made to allow incoming freshmen to join them.

However, Division II and Division III university teams can compete (past players and present) as a unit. The rosters below list in parenthesis the teams that play as a unit, for the most part: Division II West Chester and the Division II trio of University of theSciences in Philadelphia, Holy Family, and Philadelphia University, all of which also compete in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC).

Next to the schools identified on the rosters with the player are the projected graduation year so '13 are seniors this fall, '14 juniors, '15 sophomores and '16 incoming freshmen. There's a waggle on certain University of Sciences of Philadelphia players because of a work-study program in terms of graduation year should you notice a '17.

Your Guru will be on the scene nights in which he is not at any of his three WNBA East Coast venues or elsewhere, but will also provide results here off live coverage and results emailed from the league.

The WNBA month-long break for the Olympics will allow him to be on hand most nights that other things don't interfere with his projected schedule.

Also Tom Utescher of the Chestnut Hill Local provides ongoing coverage as does Stuart London at phillyBurbs.com.

Hopefully, for now, if this comes clean enough, here are the rosters of the teams, all of which are off a color naming scheme with some having identified coaches.

The site does have a concession stand and the items are reasonably priced and are tasty.

Now, here are the rosters. The Guru will list the next night's schedule after play begins, though Commissioner Kessler often provides printouts as part of a newsletter.

Opening week action is listed below after the rosters:


01 Da’Kiya Johnson 5’8 Santa Monica College
11 Jessica Porter 5’11 Gettysburg ’16
12 Aimee Bouie 6’1 Chestnut Hill ’14
14 Brenna Coll 5’10 Del. Val. Col. ’15
21 Jenna Swope 5’9 Gettysburg ’15
22 Christine Verrelle 5’9 Dowling College ’15
23 Lindsay Alexander 5’10 Chestnut Hill ’13
24 Lila Jones 5’7 Chestnut Hill ’15
25 Grace Mirack 5’8 Del. Val. College ’15
32 Aubrey Howland 5’10 U. Mary Washington ’15
33 Megan Shaughnessy 5’7 Chestnut Hill ’13

00 Lexi Scrivano 6'0 Millersville '16
01 Shira Newman 5'7' Millersville '13
05 Taylor Bryant 5'5 Delaware '16
10 Hannah Rose Nussbaum 5'7 F&M '16
12 Sarah Goodwin 5'10 Valparaiso '16
13 Alyssa Isler 5'5 Gettsburg '14
21 Alex Wheatley 6'3 Princeton '16
24 Andrea Notta 5'8 Phila. U. '10
32 Rachel Lindsay 5'7 Penn State '13
33 Rachel Jacob 5'10 Arcadia '16
34 Danielle Derr 6'0 Bloomsburg '13
42 Alicia Hayes 5'7 King's College '15
COACH: Steve Flynn

02 Rachel Roberts 5’9 Villanova ’13
12 Samira Strand 6’3 Kutztown ’16
13 Hilary Weaver 5’5 Lehigh ’14
14 Ashley Wood 5’7 Kutztown ’13
15 Jasmine Elum 5’6 Bethune Cookman ’12
20 Lindsay Hoskins 6’ Lehigh ’14
22 Alex Smith 5’7 Holy Cross ’14
31 Brittany Kaewell 5'6 Penn State Altoona '15
33 Kerry Kinek 6’1 Lehigh ’16
34 Stephanie Schultz 6’1 Colgate ’15
35 Bridgette McKnight 5’10 U. New Hampshire ’14
55 Emily Leer 6’2 Villanova ’15
COACH: Keith Wood

00 MaryBeth Egan 5'8 Lehigh '13
03 Lauren Ruhl 5'4 Lebanon Valley '14
11 Alexandra Yantzi 6'5 Lehigh '14
12 Shannon Barlow 6'0 Dela. Valley Coll. '15
15 Elizabeth McBride 5'5 Albright '16
21 Noelle Alicea 5'7 Scranton '16
22 Bridget Higgins 5'7 Pittsburgh '16
23 Jordan Strode 5'8 Saint Joseph's '16
24 Gabrielle Vass 5'7 Lebanon Valley '14
25 Ashley Prim 5'7 Saint Joseph's '13
34 Katelyn Donohue 6'1 Dela. Valley Coll. '15
40 Michelle McCaughern 5'11 La Salle '12

02 Jamie Insel 6’1 Assumption College ’14
05 Khadijah Bowens 5’9 Temple ’06
10 Annette Snow 5’11 Lafayette ’16
12 Ashley Morris 5’2 Temple ’08
14 Stephanie Hicks 5’6 Temple ’07
15 Emily Homan 6’3 Lafayette ’15
20 Brittany McLeod 5’11 Cabrini ’09
21 Lakia Stewart 5’9 Kent State ’07
22 Melissa Livingston 6’ N.C. A & T ’16
23 Deja Foster 6’1 Georgia Tech ’11
31 Kelly Loughney 6’ Lafayette ’14

03 Ciara Andrews 5'7 Saint Joseph's '16
05 Dana Albalancy 5'8 Connecticut College '14
10 Erin Shields 5'6 Saint Joseph's '14
11 Jordan Seiz 5'8 Messiah College '13
12 Courtney McManus 5'8 Salisbury U. '15
15 Eliza Polli 5'8 Swarthmore '13
20 Shelby Smith 5'8 Saint Joseph's '13
23 Kathryn Stockbower 5'11 Swarthmore '12
33 Madeline Ross 5'8 Swarthmore '13
40 Lindsey Kelly 6'0 Nazareth College '16
41 Sarah Fairbanks 6'2 Saint Joseph's 16
44 Maureen Leahy 6'2 Bryant U. ' 16

TEAM KELLY GREEN (U. Sciences in Phila aka USP)
05 Kate Schmid 5’2 U. Sciences ’15
10 Carolyn Edwards 6’ U. Sciences ’15
11 Elizabeth Birman 5’7 U. Sciences ’16
14 Isabella Ross 5’10 U. Sciences ’17
15 Rebecca Ruggear 5’11 U. Sciences ’13
20 Jessica Sylvester 5’7 U. Sciences ’17
21 Kelly Otchet 5’10 U. Sciences ’16
22 Megan Wolf 5’6 U. Sciences ’16
23 Natalie Stella 5’9 U. Sciences ’18
24 Amber Reiley 5’9 U. Sciences ’16
25 Brianne Traub 5’8 U. Sciences ’17
33 Shannon Evans 5’11 U. Sciences ’17

04 Ryan Fiascki 5'8 E. Stroudsburg '15
05 Aly Byorick 5'11 Lehigh '12
10 Devin Shea 6'0 Ithaca College '13
12 Kisha Thompson 5'5 Phila. U. '98
14 Kendall Burton 5'8 Villanova '15
15 Melissa Poderis 5'6 E. Stroudsburg '16
21 Trisha Watson 5'6 Penn State Abington '14
22 Calla Miller 5'9 Haverford '13
23 Addie Micir 6'0 Princeton '11
24 Helena Gemmell 5'8 E. Stroudsburg '16
33 Becky Guman 5'7 Lehigh '13
44 Marisa Repasch 6'1 Lehigh '14

1 Elle Hagedorn 5’10 Harvard ’13
3 Lindsay Fluehr 5’7 U. Scranton ’15
5 Jenn Prine 5’6 Shepherd U. ’12
10 Dana Mitchell 6’1 St. Bonaventure ’10
12 Danielle Callahan 5’7 Boston U. ’13
14 Katelyn O’Reilly 5’10 Lehigh ’15
15 Katie Kuester 5’10 Saint Joseph’s ’12
20 Elizabeth Sharlow 6’2 Lehigh ’16
22 Devon Kane 5’7 Villanova ’13
23 Alicia Manning 5’10 Lafayette ’13
24 Megan Pearson 6’ Villanova ’12
25 Marissa Manning 6’ King’s College ’15
COACHES: Ted Hagedorn, Tom Freedman
**-Defending champion

01 Ana Cruz 5'2 HF '13
03 Nicole Hall 5'9 Simpson U. (Calif.)'07
04 Mary Ellen McCollum 5'8 HF '14
10 Erin Fenningham 5'8 HF '16
11 Mollly Hanlon 5'10 HF '13
12 Erin Mann 6'1 HF '13
20 Meghan Gibson 5'9 HF '11
21 Danielle Norton 5'7 Phila. Biblical '10
24 Maggie Serratelli 5'8 HF '14
30 Nya Daley 5'9 HF '10
32 Carolyn Heston 6'0 HF '14
44 Sarah Listenbee 5'11 HF '16

2 Bria Young 5’6 Phila. U. ’15
5 Najah Jacobs 5’6 Phila. U. ’15
10 Courtney Overholt 5’8 Phila. U.
13 Meagan Yates 5’8 Phila. U. ’15
20 Samantha Morris 5’9 Phila. U. ’14
21 Jaclyn Panichi 5’6 Phila. U. ’14
22 Megan Finn 5’3 Phila. U. ’13
23 Monica Schacker 5’6 Phila. U. ’15
24 Kara Gallagher 5’10 Phila. U. ’16
25 Mary Newell 6’ Phila. U. ‘16
30 Victoria Arnao 6’ Phila. U. ’15
31 Taylor Peltzer 5’10 Phila. U. ’13
32 Kristen Blye 6’ Phila. U. ‘13
44 Alexandra Heck 5’10 Phila. U. ‘16

TEAM VEGAS GOLD (West Chester)
04 Jazmen Clark 5'4 WC '16
05 Meghan Kerrigan 5'7 WC '13
10 Paige Elliott 5'6 WC '14
11 Megan Cunningham 5'9 WC '16
12 Alexandra Lennon 6'1 WC '13
14 Tiffany Johnson 5'2 WC '15
15 Jennifer Roehm 5'8 WC '15
25 Brittany Sicinski 5'10 WC '16
31 Stephanie Keyes 5'9 WC '15
32 Anna Kuntz 6'0 WC '16
33 Kendall Benovy 6'0 WC '15
34 Brittany Powell 5'6 WC '14

Tuesday, June 19
7:00 p.m.
Kelly Green (USP) vs. Hunter Green, Court 1
Lime Green vs. Royal Blue (Holy Family), Court 2
Black vs. Columbia Blue, Court 3

8:15 p.m.
Orange (Phila. U.) vs. Purple, Court 1
Vegas Gold (West Chester) vs. Cardinal Red, Court 2
Gold vs. Ash Gray, Court 3

Thursday, June 21
7:00 p.m.
Royal Blue (Holy Family) vs. Orange (Phila. U.), Court 1
Ash Gray vs. Kelly Green (USP), Court 2
Purple vs. Black, Court 3

8:15 p.m.
Cardinal Red vs. Lime Green, Court 1
Hunter Green vs. Vegas Gold (West Chester), Court 2
Columbia Blue vs. Gold, Court 3

That's it.

-- Mel

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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